Bao Tao

Our story

Our Story began in 2017 with a dream of a restaurant that serves authentic, Asian-inspired dishes with a contemporary approach! Since then we have been working with constant dedication to bringing you the best Asian flavours that can be enjoyed seamlessly whether in our restaurant or at home brought to you by takeaway and delivery services.

Our team

Our expert chefs emphasise on the detail and on preparing our dishes with fresh ingredients, vegetables, and meats. Experienced in the innovation that is modern asian cuisine they bring the unique flavour of Asia, together with modern techniques and create something creative and new that will please your taste buds.

Bao Tao

Asian modern kitchen

We created a special place, to present to you a modern version of asian cuisine, the way you have never experienced it before. By bringing together ingredients and techniques we create a modern tasteful outcome, capable of travelling you as far as Asia.